Deriva Mussol

deriva mussolDeriva Mussol is led by Jordi Lafon and Eva Marichalar-Freixa in collaboration with everyone interested in their proposals. Their long professional record in education and visual and performing arts, brought them to embrace walking practices as a way to explore endless possibilities for creation and learning in contemporary contexts.

They enjoy generating actions as well as sharing gathering spaces which are meant to be open, permeable and in motion.

Deriva Mussol is part of Nursery Projects of ACVic Contemporary Center Arts.

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Deriva Mussol - Simultaneous Walk

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New York >
The Walk Exchange

Saturday, 25th May 2013
10 pm ACVic (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)
4.30 pm Outpost Artists Resources (1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, New York)

Deriva Mussol and Walk Exchange invite you to an hour and a half long simultaneous walk in the town of Vic and in the city of New York.

To document the action, we propose, to anyone who wishes to do so, a field collection of objects, photos, sketches, writings, sounds and videos during the walk. The material gathered will be exchanged with New York, sent in a package by mail. This gesture will bear witness to our simultaneous action, expressing the intention to promote new relationships between cultural and educational communities.

At the end, the two groups will share the experience in a Skype meeting between the Centre d’Arts Contemporànies in Vic [] and Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, New York, [].

Deriva Mussol will meet at 10 pm at ACVic (C. Sant Francesc 1, Vic), and will begin the walk at 10.30 pm*. The Skype conversation with Walk Exchange will begin, also at ACVic, at 12 midnight.

The Walk Exchange will begin its walk at 4.30 pm at Outpost Artists Resources (1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, New York). The Skype conversation with Deriva Mussol will begin at 6 pm.

Deriva Mussol propose invitations to walkabout as opportunities to generate and share creative learning processes. []

Walk Exchange is a collective promoting creative and educational walks, which value the body as a means of producing and transmitting learning. []

*We suggest participants wear comfortable shoes, and take food and a drink with them, and also, for those walking with Deriva Mussol, a flashlight.


CONSTEL.LACIONS. Barri del Remei

ImatgeClaudio RomaníCONSTEL.LACIONS. Project in process
Andrea Olmedo Río, María Salazar Riaño, Rita Buil and non ten xeito

Project's presentation Thuesday 21.11.2012 at 7.00 pm under the program of Nits Digitals
Exhibition: 21.11.2012 - 05.01.2012
Place: ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

Constel.lacions. Barri del Remei (Constellations. Remei district) is a collaborative documentary highlighting the need for public appropriation of public spaces in districts with reduced space for encouraging social integration. It documents the routes of various social agents and common places of people and collectives generating a shared indexing file.
A collaborative digital archive is proposed and an online video application with a navigable map. With these tools and the implementation of the general drift of spatial documentation, routes and centres of intersection between residents and other agencies within the district will become visible.

The project has placed in the district of El Remei de Vic and the Barrios Altos of Bilbao. Shortly, it will be placed in the district Poblenou of Barcelona. The goal is to research areas of convergence or places which residents and agencies use in common. The format of the presentation is a participatory installation inviting visitors to enter the districts, and to experience the project interactively, by means of physical interface with the map and the generated video content.

Constel.lacions was one of three projects selected in the Project Nursery's 2011 open callby ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies in collaboration with VIT Vic Innovació Tecnològica.

The presentation of the project will be done with the collaboration of Nits Digitals

En col·laboració amb el col·lectiu Deriva Mussol, i a través del seu dispositiu de psicogeografies a l’espai públic, fem trobades i recorreguts de documentació del barri. Juntament amb el Pla Comunitari del Remei i per mitjà de la utilització de l’espai de Xarxa Òmnia, es busca una estratègia de capacitació digital i de reapropiació de llocs de trobada en un barri amb uns joves que cada vegada tenen menys espais propis. El seguiment de la intersecció entre aquests projectes i la seva immersió en el Remei va a càrrec del col·lectiu Morir de Frío a través d’un assaig videogràfic sobre la retroalimentació entre l’espai físic i digital que proposem.

Project Nursery

The Project Nursery is a program which offers support to artists' projects, individually or collectively, facilitating the connection of those in a social and cultural environment. The program is open to projects from
the fields of art, communication, design, cultural management, architecture, art education and particularly from transdisciplinary cultural projects which could have an impact on social context.

PN seeks to promote the development of creative projects applied to social space from the perspective of innovation and the use of new technologies, encouraging artists to engage in initiatives through self-management, seeking opportunities in the context of the information society, and the possibility of carrying out projects which will have an impact on the social space.


DERIVA MUSSOL. Work in process.
08.06.2012 - 22.09.2012

Helena Català Rodas, Blanca Garcias Castells, Guillem Vilamitjana Masramon, Ona Castellsagué Bonada, Georgina Martí Farell, Eva Marichalar Freixa, Jordi Lafon Guerrero, Anna Prat Fontseca, Mireia Planàs Serradell i Òscar Pujol Pladevall

A project of creation and research , focusing on deploying collective processes by establishing a relationship between the arts and public space. It interacts with space starting with observation to help promote various practices which originate in this line of investigation. The premises for putting together this project are considered from the
viewpoint of mutual support, with an educational,  horizontal relationship, promoting independence in learning through a process of support for the capabilities and activities of each participant. The main framework lies in the relationship and dialogue established between all project participants and Vic. Founded upon the tradition of  the night-time walk around the city and its surroundings, the project draws on this experience to produce a open public performance where participants may take part in the methodology employed in the research. Adapting to the idiosyncrasies of place, incorporating the expertise of its inhabitants, to express the potential of street arts to revitalise,
transform and represent a particular territory, are the objectives of this project.

Deriva Mussol, is part of the ACVic's Nursery projects in collaboration with the Aula de Teatre de la Universitat de Vic.
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Proposals part of the Project Nursery

Selected projects from the open call promoted by ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies with the collaboration of VIT Vic Innovació Tecnològica.

- CONSTELLATIONS BLV, a project by Andrea Olmedo and María Salazar
- OWL, a project by Eva Marichalar in collaboration with Gerard Guix and Jordi Lafon
- OFFICE CURATORIAL: TRANS-ART, a project by Ingrid Blanco and Mabel Llevat

These projects have been selected for their suitability within the framework proposed in the call, for their conceptual interest and their feasibility, as well as for their suitability in fulfilling the Nursery's educational aims; by the projects' participants contributing mechanisms for the communication and sharing of knowledge, and also by demanding the specific training needed to carry out the work.

The selection committee formed by Mabel Palacín (Artist), Anton Granero (Designer), Antoni Mora (economist) and Ramon Parramon (ACVic director), has selected these three from the 35 proposals submitted for the Project Nursery which will be developed in 2012.

What is the project nursery?

It is a space for research, training and pre-production which works by establishing a programme of temporary residences, accompanied by trainers and tutors in order to find ways to define,develop and implement projects. It combines technical training, and instruction, understanding the process of planning as a practical phase with the support of experts and collaborators, both involving the participants in a two-way process so that everyone also participates as a trainer. It aims to develop a means of training to transmit and share  knowledge in order to carry out a project. 
The purpose is to provide work space, training, technical and conceptual support, and to give visibility to projects, finding ways to bring them to a conclusion. The nursery is based upon three concepts: shared work space, with the possibility of co-producing projects among residents; assessment and monitoring of production and distribution; and, ultimately, guidance in, or the facilitation of, the search for project funding. This last part may combine different strategies in seeking funding for the hosted projects.
ACVic, in conjunction with VIT, attempt, through this  programme, to test the combination of these three implicit phases of experimentation and idea-generation, i.e training, production and financing, in order to promote projects  based on self-management. The aim of the programme is to make this an empowering combination, accompanying the participating projects in the achievement of their objectives at all levels.

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Open Call Project Nursery

acvic. viver de projectesAn open call to participate in the program Project Nursery.

Until 15.11.2011

- Aimed at artists from various disciplines who wish to adapt to the demands of initiating a cross-disciplinary cultural project which may impact on social context.
- It is seeking individuals or groups with a project, available to share knowledge in a double way: to provide and to receive it.
- Temporary residencies depending on the project.

It is organised through a temporary residencies programme with trainers and tutors, to seek ways of defining, implementing and developing projects. Combining techniques of training and instruction , understanding the project's process as a practical itinerary with the support of specialists and collaborators, involving participants in a two-way process where everyone participates as a trainer. Training to transmit and share one's own knowledge, and how to carry out a project.
The intention of this programme is to provide work space, technical and conceptual support, and to give visibility to projects while looking for ways to realise them. 
To meet this goal a shared workspace will be offered through the programme with the possibility of generating projects in co-production between residents (coworking community); assessment and monitoring of the research and production stages and further advertising (coaching) and ultimately, guiding and facilitating fund-raising. This last part may combine different fund-raising strategies to realise projects (crowd funding, grants etc).

ACVic, through this programme, makes it possible to try out the combination of the three stages implicit in the experimentation and generation of ideas: training, production and funding to promote self-managed projects. ACVic will ensure all available help to make this combination work, but makes no promise or assurance that participating projects will entirely achieve their goals.

In the case of projects that require help to develop a business plan, financial or tax advice will be supported by ImpeVic (Institut Municipal de Promoció i Economía de Vic). To participate fill in the form (click here to access the form)

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