QUAM 2012

QUAM 2012
Intersections between art, education and territory

Thursday 28th November 2013
Presentation of the publication

Bòlit_LaRambla, Sala Fidel Aguilar (Rambla de la Llibertat, 1 Girona) at 7 pm

The presentation includes the debate The role of the art centers in relation with the education and the participation by Blai Mesa, director of Lo Pati, Ramon Parramon, director of ACVic and Carme Sais, director of El Bòlit.

This publication contains texts and projects resulting from two activities powered by two spaces for contemporary art that demonstrate a clear interest in the intersections between porosity and the field of art and education. A publication that refers to two activities, conceptually coincident, ACVic Centre d'Art Contemporani organized the seminar QUAM 2012 Mechanisms of Porosity. Art, education and Territory. Lo Pati, Centre d'Art de les Terres de l'Ebre organized L'Aula al Pati, Intersections between art and education. Although each activity maintained its independence and specificity, it from the outset we agreed to connect the two initiatives. The collaboration is specified with this publication, where the papers, tests or projects presented here have been part of one of these two activities.

ISBN 978-84-940622-1-6
Edition in catalan and spanish

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Catalysts. Art-education-territory


This publication contains the projects shown at the exhibition Catalysts. Art, Education, Territory, presented in Arts Santa Monica (23.12.2010-03.04.2011) and co-produced together with ACVIC. This publication brings together the texts and works of Santiago Cirugeda, Amasté, Jordi Canudas, Josep-Maria Martín, Luca Giocolli, Sinapsis, Tanit Plana, Laia Solé, Democracia and Ramon Parramon. It is a set of art projects and participatory processes which posit a direct relationship with a particular local context. These proposals integrate three essential components, relating and interacting among themselves, to varying degrees: they are artistic practices, they promote educational activities and are deployed, without sacrificing a social, politic and critical reflection, in a specific area or context.

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Catalitzadors. Art, Educació, Territori


QUAM 2010

Art and Citizenship open source in public realm

Between the cracks: Citizenship and open source art practices arise from the crossing point between two perspectives which are not always connected: artistic practices and social-cultural practices. The artistic practices that indicate some possible ways propositional, view situations from latent to provide solutions, promote strategies applicable guidelines that can take shape in the cultural or social policies. The cultural practices are to encourage imaginative situations to increase intercultural relations and communication between different forms of citizenship found in public spaces.

ISBN 978-84-940622-8-5
English edition

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Reversible Actions. Art, education, territory

Reversible Actions. Art, education, territory is a publication gathering different activities organised by ACVic. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies, between November 2008 and December 2009. It contains a range of different artistic practices used in projects and by collectives and institutions.

The concept of "reversible actions" refers to the notion of reversibility as a condition in which all the elements involved show different degrees of reciprocal dependence. The elements in this case are artistic practices that affect social space through the deployment of educational actions. The texts and the projects introduced in this book talk about reversible actions produced in specific local contexts, proposing different answers to the same question : How can we link art, education and territory to plan projects able to innovate the design of cultural policies?

ISBN 9-788497-663632 Languages in catalan/spanish ISBN 9-788497-663700 english language

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Accions Reversibles | Acciones Reversibles | Reversible Actions
Edició - Edición - Edition


El Relat de l'Art


El relat de l’art (“The Narration of Art”)

This book was published on the occasion of the edition of ‘QUAM. El relat de l’art’ in 2009, directed by Andrés Hispano and Félix Pérez-Hita.

QUAM 2009 took place between Montesquiu and Vic from 4th July to 10th July 2009.

“’THE NARRATION OF ART’ has been devised as a real-time reflection on an unresolved situation, on the reluctance to reconsider, broaden and update the archetype of artist, to know how to sell the variety and flexibility that today characterises the condition of artist. This reflection has placed particular emphasis on the responsibility taken by fiction and documentary films shown on the screen, and especially on the television screen, where utopian productions, conceived from the point of view that television is the ideal medium for conveying the complexity of the contemporary world, have failed again and again.” Andrés Hispano


Josep Ricart i Rial

Josep Ricart y Rial. LLibre de la memòria

Texts by: Anna Palomo, Josep Cerdà, Miquel Desclot and Daniel Giralt-Miracle

Published by: H. Asociación para las Artes Contemporáneas and Eumo Editorial, Vic 2009

ISBN: 978-84-9766-360-1

Book published on the occasion of the exhibition "Josep Ricart y Rial. Libro de la Memoria" displayed in different locations in the city of Vic: Col·legi d'Aparelladors, Llotja del Blat, Col·legi d'Arquitectes, Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny, Casino de Vic and  Museu d'Art de la Pell from 25th of September to the 1rst of October 2009.

The book include prints of Josep Ricart's works, an introduction by Anna Palomo, curator of the exhibition and three conversations:

between Josep Cerdà and Josep Ricart
between Miquel Desclot and  Josep Ricart
between Daniel Giralt-Miracle and Josep Ricart

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